A special Buckeye opportunity for you!

Disciplina In Civitatem.

That’s the motto of our beloved University. It means “Education for Citizenship.”

This kind of citizenship refers to much more than voting or paying taxes. It means that Ohio State devotees – like us – always work to improve our communities and make the world a better place.

That’s what The Ohio State Alumni Club of West Michigan is all about. Our club provides volunteer opportunities, food drives, donations to families in need, and scholarships for local students attending Ohio State. Of course, we have our fun, too. We gather at Vitale’s to celebrate every win and commiserate every loss. We enjoy golf outings, book clubs, pizza parties, and more.

All we ask of our members each year is $25 in dues, which gives you and your family a wide range of discounts and benefits. Previously, your $25 was not tax-deductible, but we’re happy to report that we are now able to apply your tax-deductible donation toward your annual dues payment! Your whole gift is tax-deductible, with every penny of your dues contribution returned to the Club and directed toward our important programs right here in West Michigan. Therefore, any additional donation beyond $25 is very much appreciated!

You might’ve known Dave Conrad. During his time in West Michigan, he served as co-founder, president, and treasurer of our club. Even after relocating back to Columbus, he and his wife stayed in touch and even drove north to attend our events from time to time. When Dave passed away this August, it was a sad loss for us. He exemplified everything it means to be a Buckeye — kind, generous, hard-working and loyal. Dave lives on in the very special community of Buckeyes he helped establish here in West Michigan. Together, we are beneficiaries and stewards of his rich and inspiring legacy.

Thank you for being part of our West Michigan Buckeye family. We encourage you to renew your membership and support our programs with your most generous tax-deductible gift as we give That State Up North just what it needs…a little Buckeye citizenship.

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How Firm Thy Friendship,
Dan LaVille, President
Sonny Gordon, Vice President
Donna Waters, Membership Chair